Self Managed Super Funds Adelaide (SMSF)

We provide SMSF accounting services and connect clients with legal and financial professionals who are experts in establishing and maintaining Self Managed Super Funds.

Self managed super funds are established by an individual or family to manage super savings for retirement. SMSFs have between one and four members who are trustees and are responsible for investment decisions and compliance with super and tax law. 

An SMSF is a private trust created and operated entirely to the benefit of its members. The key difference between this and a professionally managed super fund is your personal input and direction of the fund. 

A professionally managed fund means that your employer will contribute to your chosen fund who invests that money where they see fit, charge you fees and you’ll see the benefits. It’s the set and forget option for super. 

On the other hand, when you run your own self managed super fund you can decide where your money is invested, it’s perfect for those who are more aggressive with their investments. Trustees are also responsible to ensure the fund is compliant with the ATO. Depending on your financial situation, you may also be paying less fees for an SMSF.

If you’re ready to take more control of your finances, an SMSF could be for you. To ensure you’re setting up your SMSF correctly, remain compliant and avoid financial penalties, Bartley Partners can keep you on track.

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