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Personal planning

You know the adage, the only two guarantees we have in life are
death and taxes. Here at Bartley Partners we do our best to assist with both.

You have worked hard to accumulate and maintain your wealth to create a
legacy for those most important to you. There are numerous ways to do this including
testamentary trusts, superannuation arrangements, wills and pre-death transactions.
If you are looking to create a will and other estate planning documents have a chat with
us and we will find you the right legal team for your situation, make sure your decisions
are tax effective and assist in any mediation which may be required.

Business planning

Unlike our human clients, businesses have the capacity to outlast
your lifetime and ours.

That is why succession planning in a business context is so important.
Sometimes this is to ensure a family business stays within the family,
alternatively it may be ensuring an appropriate sale can occur
whether this is listing the business or helping it grow into a saleable commodity.

Some questions to ask?

  • Are you looking at your kids inheriting your business?
  • Do they have the skills to run it in your absence?
    • Have you tried going away on a six month holiday, being totally
      un-contactable and see if they flourish or flounder on their own?
  • Do you have a good age range for your staff? Are they likely to
    stay with the new owner once you do sell your business?
  • A competent ongoing staff base can be a key sales pitch when it comes time
    to move on from your business.
  • Have you got your personal will up to date?
  • What medical directions are you leaving? Are they legally compliant?
  • Have you discussed it with your family and others involved to ensure that any
    disputes are sorted while you are still around to assist?

In many of these discussions employing a good mediator can ensure that
your will is not contested and your wealth goes to your family, not to their lawyers.

We work with some of Adelaide’s finest legal eagles to ensure your structure
is legally compliant from a wills and estate planning perspective while we ensure
that we have minimised the taxation consequences of your decisions.

Anything left to the last minute costs more and is less effective.

Give us a call on 8338 1033 to book a meeting.

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