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Property Investment, Division & Development

Australians have always enjoyed a safe and stable property market,
allowing property investors of all ages and financial backgrounds to confidently
grow their wealth through residential or commercial property investments.

Profits can be realised as either capital value growth or direct income streams,
or a combination of both depending on your preferred investment strategy.

Bartley Partners’ help our clients to correctly structure their property investments
via high-level property tax and accounting services. This is of paramount importance as
different structures change your tax rate from as low as 15% to as high as 49%
including levies!

There is no one perfect structure for a property investment portfolio.
So depending on whether you are planning to:-
• perform your own development
• subdivide existing property
• invest via a longer term buy and hold strategy
• focus on commercial investments …

Why Bartley Partners
Our qualifications as Chartered Tax Advisers give us the knowledge to help you
setup your structures and minimise your tax burden. But most importantly we
practice what we teach. Our partners and senior staff have actually completed
subdivisions, own investment property portfolios and got our hands dirty during
renovations. When you pick a property accountant the most important item to
look for is their passion for property, a passion for planning, budgeting, asset
protection and tax minimisation.

For all the horror stories and failures the media love to highlight, there are far
more success stories never told
! Most attributable to people who simply structure
their property investment portfolios carefully and avoid the ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

Bartley Partners Accounting can assist you to set-up secure
and tax effective financial structures – allowing you to reach your
investment and lifestyle goals faster.

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