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We have assisted dozens of Adelaide business to start up providing a full support package to take your ideas from planning stage to implementation. We work directly with you to ensure you have all of your documentation, procedures and budgets sorted prior to making any decisions. There is a minefield of work to be completed prior to starting a business and a few wrong moves can end up having a very costly effect on your start up or in some cases, bring it to total ruin.

A few examples (although hardly an exhaustive list) of assistance we have provided for clients previously:

  • Helping turn their ideas into a formal business plan and cash flow budget allowing them to obtain bank finance and have a clear strategy for the future.
  • Developing KPI’s for the business so you can see whether your business is successful or not.
  • Developing a marketing strategy, putting you in touch with marketing or IT professionals where required and having regular meetings on growth strategies
  • Setting up procedures for your staff, ensure you know what you expect from new employees and that what you are planning to pay them is in line with the employment standards.
  • Work with a legal team to setup employment contracts, a HR Manual and WH&S procedures. There is a huge amount of paperwork connected with hiring employees.
  • Ensure you have good quality contracts between yourself and your clients, understand the various legal and accounting issues surrounding quality control, your responsibilities under legislation, warranties etc.
  • Working with the client to ensure they have adequate insurance at the best prices available, we are not insurance agents, receive no commissions for sales but we have seen literally thousands of insurance contracts and can usually tell you if the amount you are paying seems appropriate.
  • Ensure your business is setup correctly and caters for growth in scalability, tax minimisation and asset protection. For more information about our work in this area have a look through our Entity Creation pages.
  • Organising a lease, reviewing the terms and conditions of the lease and ensuring you fully understand the obligations being imposed. We work with several excellent lawyers in this area to ensure you do not end up trapped in a financially untenable building.
  • Organising Worst Case Scenario and Best Case Scenario budgets. One of the most important things when starting a new business is to know when to quit. Obviously we hope every business succeeds but you need to know you and your family are safe even if it fails.
  • Work out your exit plan. If the business is successful what do you plan to do with it? Sell it? Leave it for your children? Succession planning is an integral part of any new business setup.

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