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Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Life often throws up challenges … whether it’s in our personal, community or
our professional lives. Conflicts between people often end up in court where the
adversarial legal system leaves the parties emotionally and financially drained.

Litigation is often confrontational and at the end there is a winner and a loser
with a third party making the decision regardless of whether you agree or not.

BUT there is an alternative.

Mediation is a common sense alternative that puts the control
back in the hands of those affected by the situation.

It’s not about technical arguments and applying the law, it’s about everyone
reaching a settlement they can live with using a co-operative problem solving
process to find a constructive solution.

Benefits of Mediation:

  • Often achieves a better outcome than litigation
  • The process can take a fraction of the time and therefore cost
  • Aggravation and stress is usually much lower than litigation route
  • Deals with conflicts earlier, preventing disputes escalating waiting for litigation
  • Both parties usually feel they are part of a win
  • Both parties involved choose the venue, timing
  • Both parties agree with the costs up front (it’s not an open ended cheque book)
  • Statistically 80% of parties agree on a settlement on the day of the mediation
  • Can work out problems and still keep a personal, employment
    or business relationship in tact
  • Focuses on the future, rather than the rights or wrongs of the past
  • Helps parties to understand how others see the situation and issues.

Paul Bartley – Lead Mediator

Paul is an experienced mediator who has conducted many successful mediations
throughout Adelaide and rural South Australia. He has completed a Masters Degree
in Mediation and Conflict Resolution as well as being on the Board of the Institute of
Arbitrators and Mediators Australia.

He has been approved as a Mediator
sitting on the following Adelaide panels:

  • Office of Small Business Commissioner – Adelaide
  • Office of Franchising Mediator – Adelaide
  • South Australian Supreme Court
  • South Australian Magistrates Court
  • Workcover South Australia

Before you automatically turn to litigation as the first port-of-call,
consider Bartley Partners and mediation as an alternative.

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